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The application of engineering in the social context that has high humanitarian needs is the only way that develops our material world to bring peace, freedom, security and prosperity for the human kind. In this view, the engineers consider social context as their engineering subject are the agents of change. In this matter the integration of different disciplines, social sciences and natural sciences, like engineering, is the key and our challenge to look at our world of future and shape that future too.


The Boomym Foundation embraces the mission to conduct social engineering for humanities purposes. Boomym initiates, innovates and applies sciences to practical and effective engineering solution for communities who are in humanitarian needs.


The Boomym Foundation aims to build a social-entrepreneurial organisation in The Netherlands that applies its Research and Development social engineering in several developing countries to provide households, villages and farmers with saline water desalination units. The focus area for the initial phase of the project will lay in the communities of Middle-East and North-Africa (MENA). Boomym Foundation is working on a water desalination device that farms could use to desalinate water for the irrigation of crops.  Boomym is a foundation to assist developing areas with desalination technology considering their individual engineering needs to provide underprivileged areas with a freshwater source. The Boomym Foundation has the vision take part in eliminating freshwater scarcity for both communities and agriculture all around the world. The Boomyn Foundation shall develop towards finding further engineering solutions in areas of water treatment, energy, and agriculture.


Water is a vital resource essential for our everyday needs. With over two-third of earth’s surface being covered by water of oceans and seas, water itself is not scarce. However, only about 2.5 per cent of the water is freshwater and over 95 per cent comprises saltwater. People are facing challenges in getting and maintaining access to freshwater water all around the world. The Boomym foundation believes that many of these challenges can be solved through social-responsible engineering. The name of the foundation “Boomym” refears to the old-Persian meaning of ‘our earth’. Boomym aims to contribute to building a more peaceful and safer world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs.

Water desalination 

The Boomym Foundation is working on the development of a small scale desalination device the be provided to people in water scarce areas as an alternative drinkable freshwater source. 


Boomym is developping a medium size mobile desalination device to be used by greenhouse farmers with drip irrigation systems in water scarce areas with access to brackish saline water. 


Focussing on socially responsible engineering Boomym is looking into possibilities to find sustaibale energy sources that do not harm people or the environment. 

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